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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQs hub! Here, we've compiled a treasure trove of information to address the most common queries and concerns you might have. Dive in and uncover the knowledge you seek.

What should I look for and expect when I am Working with a life coach? 

  • It is important that you resonate with the person who is your life coach. It is important that you like, respect and trust your life coach.

  • Expect your life coach to help you be accountable to yourself and facilitate you taking steps that cause you to make progress toward achieving the results you truly desire to see in your life.

  • Expect to learn new ways of thinking that transform your life from the inside out.

What helpful questions could I ask a life coach when I meet with them, especially for the first time? 

What programs do you offer to support me, in addition to one on one and group coaching?

Do you guarantee results after life coaching?

Would you like to be held responsible for another person’s decisions?

It is common for someone to ask this question; however, it is based on a misunderstanding of what life coaching is and what it is not. Life coaching involves teaching people how to recognize current thinking patterns and results and how to transform them for the purpose of achieving greater and more positive results in all areas of life.

The person being coached is required to learn about and become proficient in using tools, resources, and methods that are used repeatedly in order to generate new more positive results, based on the person’s commitment to their own growth. The coach does not take responsibility for and cannot guarantee what the client will or will not do, but is available to teach, encourage, and inspire the person to use the tools, resources, and methods that create positive results. The person who is receiving life coaching is the client, and the client is who decides what they pay attention to, which determines the quality of their thoughts, emotions, and results. The life coach is a facilitator of improved life results but is not responsible for the decisions and results that a client gets.

Do you guarantee the privacy of my information? 

Absolutely! BP Life Coaching Services guarantees protection of your personal information and details. What you say or share in one-on-one coaching sessions is protected and kept confidential. We value confidentiality. At the end of the program, you will be asked to write your feedback and you can choose whether you want this information to stay confidential or be shared as an anonymous (first name, nickname, or initials, along with city, state) testimonial.

Do I need to sign a life coaching contract or agreement?

Yes, there are agreements to the person agreeing to enroll in the program and services that they will receive and a person that they make to themselves. It would include the process that they need to identify, the scheduled meetings and action items (assignments) which they need to complete and have to show up at. There must be complete action items to the best of their abilities and be accountable. Payment arrangements.

What is the difference between life coaching and counseling?

Life coaching is changing how they approach life on a whole different level, there is a part of us that has a spiritual aspect. Counseling is a past-focused discipline, in which the counselor identifies the reasons for the person’s feelings and behaviors and offers ways to manage a particular issue.

What is special about BP Life Coaching Services? 

The owner and lead health and life coach of BP Life Coaching Services is a licensed occupational therapist, certified health, and certified life coach, credentialed by the International Federation of Coaches (IFC), and has more than twenty years of experience in direct client care in health and human services. She has a unique understanding of all aspects of human health and behavior because of her education, professional background, and expertise. She has a Master’s degree in Christian Counseling, a Master’s degree in Health Information Systems Management. She understands confidentiality and is certified as a health coach and life coach. She has an extensive background in higher education working with nontraditional adult learners, and loves engaging in and providing continuing education opportunities that keep her abreast of new advancements before the general public knows. She has a diverse team – and approaches the provision of services from a diversity and inclusion perspective, involving people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. She understands the value of life coaching and has her own life coaches who challenge her to continually grow and become the best she can be, so she is consistently able to offer the best service to her team and clients. This is her calling, and she takes joy in helping learn, transform, and build lives they genuinely love. She also holds herself and her team members to the highest industry standards and best practices, endorsed by the IFC.

Do I need to commit to a certain number of life coaching sessions?

It helps to make a commitment. However, it is not really about the number of coaching sessions as much as it is about the client’s level of commitment to themselves, to invest the time, energy, and effort into their own development and having a life that they absolutely love and are excited about.

How many life coaching sessions do I need? 

That depends on the client and what they want to accomplish. The more clients invest themselves into life coaching process, using the knowledge, tools, resources, and incorporating the proven, reliable, repeatable methods, the more they do the work, and make it a part of their lifestyle, the better results they can anticipate.


There are no definite number of sessions. The sooner you start shifting out of old mindsets that do not work to new perspectives that generate healthier, more positive results.


When a client does the work and experiences more “light bulb” or “ah-ha” moments, the more they are able to embrace thinking that leads to higher levels of joy and life satisfaction.

How long is each life coaching session?

Whether it is a one-on-one or group coaching session, it lasts one hour for a single session.

How often will I meet my life coach? 

That depends on you, the client, and what you and your life coach decide is ideal for you, but usually it is once a week on a designated day and time, for the agreed upon period, except for holidays and vacations. For the best results, I recommend at least a year to work with a life coach, for someone who is looking to remarkably change their lives. For someone who wants to get started and then add services as The least I recommend is six months. Although, on occasion, a person will begin a 3-month program.


For people who are high achievers, life coaching is a part of their recipe for success, and engaging in life coaching becomes a way of life with weekly engagement in a group setting with intermittent one-on-one strategy sessions, because of the superior results that they get since it is a structure of support.

What if I do not live in Houston, Texas? Where will I meet my life coach?

No problem. Via Zoom, we are able to collaborate with people in various parts of the world.

What happens once I submit an inquiry to meet with a life coach via this website?

You will be contacted to schedule a complimentary Discovery session to get a feel for collaborating with us, and a chance to scratch the surface and experience the coaching process. Often people describe this session as an eye-opening wake-up call. Life is calling you to more.

What is the price of the life coaching program?

It depends. However, the highest level of life coaching offered by BP Life Coaching Services, LLC, is the VIP Rise Bundle -

What are my payment options?

  • Prepay at a discount for services – payment must be made before enrollment and access to online coursework (program) and scheduled coaching session. Transaction receipt (Notice of payment is emailed to the coach and administrative team to initiate client access program coursework and coaching session options schedule via Calendly. This is the preferred method to get the most service, access to program resources, and be scheduled for coaching the soonest, for the least amount of financial investment.

  • Down payment and payment arrangements – The down payment must be made at or before each session, and payments made on time as agreed. This is also a preferred method for some clients. However, the longer payments are extended the higher the overall cost

  • Monthly Invoice and Online Payment – Client is invoiced on a monthly basis at the beginning of each month for that month’s scheduled sessions and access to assigned coursework services. Payment must be made before the fifth day of each month, or before the first coaching session scheduled for that month, whichever happens first. Payment can be made using a credit card or PayPal.

Can I hire the coach for a short-term or special project?

Special requests may be made. We offer a number of programs, each lasting for approximately three months. Check out our website for more details and options. Or email us your request and include pertinent details about your project or situation, and contact information.

Where does the life coach focus on an average client? 

What is focused on during coaching sessions is based on what the client wants to focus on, with the life coach facilitating the client’s ability to apply transformational principles to real life situations, circumstances, and conditions that the client wants to focus on during the coaching session. For some client, their primary focus will be on them having time and money freedom.  For others, the focus will be on relationships, health, or vocation. It depends on the client what they want to focus on. It may also depend on the client’s questions about coursework.

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